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Who we are

  • Mission

    To foster digital transformation through the strategic application of Web3 technologies while promoting a decentralized and inclusive digital economy and ensuring rigorous adherence to regulatory compliance.

  • Values

    To challenge norms and inspire industry evolution through relentless innovation. We operate with unwavering integrity and transparency, foster an inclusive culture of collaboration, and uphold rigorous standards of regulatory compliance. In essence, our commitment to these core values drives us to build a secure and inclusive digital future.

  • Vision

    To be a collaborative leader in the Web3 space, shaping a decentralized future that's secure, transparent, beneficial for all, and fully compliant with regulatory standards.


  • Wasim Fukase

    Wasim Fukase

    CEO, Co-Founder

    Wasim is responsible for strategy, vision, and operating execution at HorizonX. Wasim has held leadership positions in his career in finance (family office), consulting, health tech, and retail, with a degree from London Business School. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Wasim moved his base to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2013.

  • Shumpei Koike

    Shumpei Koike

    CTO, Co-Founder

    Shumpei brings a wealth of experience as a system architect for CEX, having been recognized with an award from AWS for his contributions. Additionally, he has actively participated as a core developer in multiple crypto projects, including those within the DeFi space.

  • Shoya Yanagisawa

    Shoya Yanagisawa


    Shoya is an outstanding front-end developer and is responsible for the UIUX of all projects. He also excels at organizing our team to increase our development efficiency, and is the driving force behind HorizonX’s development capabilities.

  • Yushi Masui

    Yushi Masui

    Core Developer

    Yushi is a senior Defi engineer, developing smart contracts and any other blockchain related products. He is also a full stack developer, and has experience in developing web applications and mobile applications, mainly financial services. He is a big fan of blockchain technology and is always looking for new ways to apply it to real world problems.

  • Arata Haruyama

    Arata Haruyama

    Core Developer

    Arata is a senior backend developer, developing smart contracts and backend tools. He used to work for several Fintech companies, and excels at building robust systems.

  • Emmett Childs

    Emmett Childs

    Business Development

    Emmett handles business development, integrations, and partnerships for HorizonX. He has a background in the startup incubator space and has worked with multiple blockchain projects to go to market and secure high-impact partnerships. Emmett is known for his ability to blend technical, product, and sales skills to deliver solutions to complex business problems.


  • Miriam Kiwan

    Miriam Kiwan

    Regulation Advisory

    Former DIFC, ADGM Regulator based in United Arab Emirates. Currenly serving as Vice President of Cirlcle MEA.

  • Tom Bicknell

    Tom Bicknell

    Corporate Lawyer

    Partner at Pinsent Maison. Focusing on Financial Technologies and Financial Regulations.

  • Masahito Ito

    Masahito Ito

    Financial Advisory

    Masahito has held leadership positions in various financial companies, including Mitsubishi Bank, SoftBank, SBI Holdings, Cave Interactive Co., Ltd and Yahoo Japan's YJFX, Inc. Currently, serving as an external director/advisor for fintech firms.

  • Naohiko Ueno

    Naohiko Ueno

    Business Development Advisory

    Naohiko is the CEO of AGI Creative Labo Ltd which aims to upgrade society with the power of “Web3 + Creative” and is a member of Toyota Blockchain Lab. He has contributed to several blockchain entities, including as , Creative Director of Gaudiy Inc, and Ambassador of ALIS.

  • Toyotaka Sakai

    Toyotaka Sakai

    Economic Adivisory

    Professor of Economics, Keio University and Co-founding director of Economics Design Inc. Holds a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester. Recent research interests include design of economic mechanisms and indices.

  • Tatsuyoshi Okimoto

    Tatsuyoshi Okimoto

    Economic Advisory

    Professor of Economics and Finance at the Faculty of Economics at Keio University. Holds a Ph.D. from University of California, San Diego, United States. Recent research interests include ESG investments, sustainable finance, and monetary policy.

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